Frequency Precision

Frequency Precision Pressure Mat’s are designed to alert carers when an individual leaves a bed, a chair, or a room. As a result, this can give individuals increased freedom, alerting the carer only when necessary. In addition the products are popular within care, nursing & residential homes to try prevent falls in elderly people. At ComServe we supply the latest technology from Frequency Precision.

We supply the Airlert Pressure Mats which are available in two variations. Either for your existing nurse call system or pager linked with their own wireless pagers. Our technical team are experienced with this equipment and can advise on any questions you may have. Prices of all the pressure mats can be found on our online shop.


Chair Pressure Mat – Plug Matched

Chair Pressure Mat With Pager

Additional Chair Pressure Mat

Bed Pressure Mat – Plug Matched

Bed Pressure Mat With Pager

Additional Bed Pressure Mat