Intercall Nurse Call System 600 & 700

Intercall Nurse Call System 600 & 700 is a reliable system that alerts staff to patient calls and emergencies. It’s designed to be user friendly for both staff and patients. At ComServe we supply, install and maintain the Intercall system all across the UK. It’s a simple wired system with five levels of alert, programmable text and call logging. Also there is a multitude of add on nurse call accessories available.

Intercall’s Nurse Call 700 system, has all the prime features of the 600 range, however with the added functionality of Audio Speech and Infra-Red technology.


L622 Call Point

Accepts inputs from a range of triggering devices such as pear leads, pressure mats.

LCD Display

Provides a textual indication of the call location, identity of the caller and alert level.

Ceiling Pull Switch

Wired to central call point to provide the call address & reset function. Bathrooms.

Infra Red Pendant

Portable call device ideal for care home residents. To be worn as a neck pendant.

Pear Push Lead

Call device in 2m or 4m lengths designed for patients with restricted movement.

Over Door Light

Provides visual aid for calls. For this reason, they are located outside rooms.

L733 Door Monitor

Alert staff to an unauthorised exit through any door in the building.


IP platform for Intercall 600/700 systems powered by the older generation PSU.