Core Products

L622 Call Point

Accepts inputs from a wide range of triggering devices such as pear push leads.

Infra Red Pendant

Portable call device, ideal for residents to use in lounges to generate a call. 

Slave Reset Point

Located by bedroom door to enable staff to reset the call point and to register staff present.

Fused Junction Box

Provides 4 spur outputs from the network spine, each output incorporating a over voltage.

L722 Call Point 

Call point with infrared technology, allows residents to make a call via the TIR4.

Pear Push Lead

Individual call device for residents. Available in 2m, 4m, 6m or 8m lengths.

Over Door Light

Provides visual aid for calls from bedrooms. Located outside rooms & in corridors.


Provides an IP platform for 600/700 systems powered by old generation power supplies.

L628 LCD Display 

Provides clear indication of the call location, identity of caller and alert level.

Ceiling Pull Cord

Fitted to ceiling over the toilet to allow a call to be generated from these areas.

Slave Call Point

For use in a room where each bed doesn’t need a separate identity on the call system.

L758 Audio Display

This unit provides a two-way speech communication with the caller and staff.

L733 Door Monitor

Used to alert staff to an unauthorised exit through a monitored door in the home.


PIR1 bed monitor will detect movement and alert staff, by activating a call on call point.