Medicare Systems

Wireless nurse call systems are now commonplace in nursing and residential homes, the Medicare system is now serving over 100,000 residents around the UK. Due to their ease of installation Medicare Nurse call systems can be quickly and efficiently installed in any home. The system uses advanced technology, proven to work in the most challenging building environments time and time again.

Medicare have installed wireless Nurse call systems in many listed and heritage locations around the UK. The flexibility of the Medicare wireless system means that it can be easily added to should your needs change.

ComServe regularly install, service and repair Medicare systems across the UK.


7″ Display Panel

7” display panel with the latest touchscreen technology.

15″ Display Panel

15” display panel with the latest touchscreen technology.

Chair Pressure Mat

Pressure is monitored when applied to the chair mat.

Blow Switch

Users suck or blow into mouth piece to activate a call.


Call Point records attendance & identification.

Epilepsy Detection

Monitors movement, sound, incontinence and vomiting.

Floor Sensor Mat

Carpeted, non-slip mat, can be placed at residents bedside or door.

Wall Bracket

Replacement wall bracket plate for use with standard call point unit.

iButton Key Fob

For use with the HTM6500iB Call Point.

Jelly Bean Switch

Large area used to trigger the nurse call unit.

Over Door Light

Over the door light with programmable colour indicators.

Neck Pendant

Lightweight, portable call devices. Can be worn around the neck.

Signal Booster

Used within the building normally on the 1st floor.

Wall Bracket

Wall bracket plate for use with call point & pear push lead.


Standard bedroom unit fitted with two pull cords.