Astra 6000 Pager Transmitter

The Astra 6000 pager transmitter is compatible with most nurse call systems with an RS232 pager output connection. This transmitter can be powered from the associated nurse call system or a 12v PSU (available separately).

We can provide technical information for connecting the Astra 6000 transmitter to your nurse call system.

Using a portable pager worn on the belt, staff will receive visual and audible alerts when a resident makes a call so that they can respond quickly and efficiently.

Scope CX6 Transmitter

The Scope CX6 Transmitter has two RS232 ports and eight dry contact inputs, which enables the system to be hard wired to anything. The transmitter is supplied configured with default settings and are able to support up to 4 digit pager numbers as standard, so expansion is already built in.

The transmitter is designed to work at UHF frequencies which gives a high degree of reliability in terms of the signalling success.