Fall Savers

Fall Savers Wireless Range is now available at ComServe, we supply and maintain all equipment. The NEW Wireless Range eliminates the cord between the monitor and sensor pad. Therefore, this results in less work for nursing staff, improved safety for patients. Also it means reduced wear and tear on the sensor pads. In addition, wireless advantages include the ability to use one monitor with two sensor pads simultaneously and support for new wireless devices.

Acessories available include, Wireless Door / Window Alarm, Wireless Bed & Chair Pad, and LCD Pager.

Our support and technical team are experienced with this equipment and can advise on any questions you may have.


Wireless Monitor

To be used with wireless sensor pads and a range of optional wireless peripherals.

Wireless Chair Pad

For use with the Transmitter to activate alert wirelessly on the Monitor.

Wireless Call Pendant

Activates alert on monitor when call button is pressed by a resident.

Wireless Bed Pad

For use with Bed / Chair Pad Transmitter to activate alert wirelessly on monitor.

Wireless LCD Pager

Pager for use with the Monitor to alert carer when alert is activated on monitor.

Infrared Monitor

Infrared detection technology to help reduce risk of falls.

Bed / Chair Pad Transmitter

Bed / Chair Transmitter for use with the Sensor Pads. Time adjustable to reduce false alarm.

Door / Window Alarm

Door / Window alarm for use with the Monitor to alert if a door / window is opened.

Packages Available

Wireless Chair Package

Includes; Monitor, Chair Sensor Pad and Transmitter.

Wireless Bed Package

Includes; Monitor, Bed Sensor Pad and Transmitter.

Wireless Floor Package

Includes; Monitor, TreadNought Floor Pad and Transmitter.