QVIS are Market Leading Innovators in CCTV and Security Products. At ComServe we supply, install and maintain all QVIS equipment. The most popular products we sell includes the IP Cameras and Security Monitors. For example, the megapixel technology delivers superior image quality, meaning fewer cameras can be used to cover larger areas. With this in mind, to see the full QVIS product range contact us for a brochure. If you are interested in purchasing any CCTV equipment we can provide you with prices and quotes for installation, if necessary. Also we are available to contact either by email,, telephone 01553 766688 or live chat.


Turret Camera

ANPR Camera

Bullet Camera

Dome Camera

Fisheye Camera

PTZ Camera

Security Monitors



CCTV Monitoring

We offer a CCTV Monitoring service through QVIS. When the team receive a trigger alert they will be looking at the site within seconds, evaluating what has caused the activation and deciding the best course of action, to pro-actively protect the site.

The response they provide is in accordance with instructions given by the site. They offer regular reports to ensure complete transparency on what they do. If there was a hardware problem such as image loss, QVIS would notify us, as your installers, immediately so we can resolve the issue.