Cheapest Pressure Mats in the Industry

Cheapest Pressure Mats in the Industry 

Right now we are providing possibly the cheapest but quality bed and chair pressure mats in our industry. These bed and chair mats are compatible with Medicare and Courtney Thorne Nurse Call Systems. They are hard-wearing, wipe clean mats, suitable for Care Home and Hospital environments. 

Pressure is monitored when applied to the mats. A call alert is activated on the nurse call system when pressure is released. They are designed to combat the problem of residents who are inclined to walk undetected especially at night, and can suffer falls and accidents.

The price of the Bed Pressure Mat is £59.95. 

And the price of the Chair Pressure Mat is £49.95. 

At check out, ensure to select the correct Nurse Call System you currently have. So that we can provide you with the correct connection for use with the Nurse Call.

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