Fall Savers Wireless Interface


Do you have a wired nurse call system?

Do you wish you could use more than one nurse call accessory in a resident’s room?

Well, now you can with Fall Savers Wireless Interface.

Here’s how it works. From your wired call points, you can connect the Fall Savers Wireless Interface straight into the call point. Then this allows you to have up to 6 wireless nurse call accessories connected to the call point. These accessories can include a wireless; bed mat, floor mat, chair mat, pendant & door / window alarm.

However, if you prefer to use pear push leads in bedrooms, we can connect a splitter into the call point. Then this provides two sockets and will allow a pear push lead and Wireless interface to connect to the call point. Again, you can still have up to 6 wireless accessories connected all to one call point.

The Wireless Interface will work with most wired nurse call systems including, Intercall, Eclipse and SAS. If you are interested in the Wireless Interface for your system contact us at info@comserveuk.com or call our office on 01553 766688.

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